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What to read, oh, what to read?!


What is on everyone’s holiday reading plate to finish out 2013 with a bang? Which novels have you looking at the calendar, tick tock, tick tock…do you have time to complete?! I just made another trip to BAM! and am loading up my Kindle Fire with lots of enticing and titillating cheer. Hubba hubba hubba, wipe the screen, there are too many authors to choose! I am rereading discounted paperback, Samantha Young’s On Dublin Street, and then I am making a mad dash to cram in as much sexy shmexy reading on the Kindle Fire as I can! Happy reading, and enjoy the holidays with friends, family, and books! 😉


Summer Soulmates by author Tista Ray


I had the pleasure of viewing Summer Soulmates, a short story by my dear friend and author, Tista Ray. This short story is part of an anthology, entitled Summer’s Edge (Summer’s Edge #1), by Matt Sinclair. The anthology contains a collection of short stories by a total of 13 authors, delving into where not all relationships are meant to last. Tista’s short story Summer Soulmates was a lovely read based on a true occurence in her childhood. She attends a fair, and meets that special someone, where time seems frozen in memory for eternity. Upon completion, I recalled my own childhood memories of the fair, all the familiar sights and smells, and my personal favorite, cotton candy! If y’all are interested in reading Tista’s short story entitled Summer Soulmates, please do contact her through Goodreads, her official website, or Twitter for  your copy!
Goodreads link https:://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18159574-summer-s-edge
Website http://tistarayofficial.weebly.com
Twitter @ tista_ray

Recommended Summer Reads: ‘Fat Girl Fairy Boy’ by Debut Author Carol McConkie


Those sure are some delish summertime reads!

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     A darkly humorous tale of family, friendship, and personal discovery . . .

     Frieda Kunkelheimer knew she wasn’t welcome in the world from her earliest stirrings. She also knew she was big and ugly, as proclaimed by her grandmother on the day of her birth. Though Frieda Kunkelheimer later blossoms into a beautiful and successful Hollywood film star, it had been determined, even before birth, that she was unwanted and unloved.

En route to a film shoot, the embittered, aging actress known as Frie, and Robin, her phobic, gay makeup artist, survive a plane crash in the jungles of Central America only to be held hostage by El Salvadoran guerrillas. Their self-absorbed lives take a backseat to the events of their capture as a bizarre set of circumstances unfold and kindle courage, compassion, and forgiveness they never thought possible.

‘Fat Girl Fairy Boy’ is written in masterful prose…

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Bikini Season Is In!


Oh yes, it’s time to break out the bikini tops! Gentleman please refrain from whistling and drooling! 😉 Catching beautiful rays of sunshine while I sip iced coffee and get a jumpstart on some “required reading” for my author friends! Also organizing my neverending reading lists, that’s right, LISTS! and adding quite a few sexy vamp reads into the mix this summer! Ready to sink my teeth into these! I’ve challenged myself to read over 300 books this year on Goodreads and I wouldn’t wanna brag or anything buuuuut I’m waaay ahead of schedule! YAY!!! Seriously, my Kindle Fire is my new best friend! ❤