Summer Soulmates by author Tista Ray


I had the pleasure of viewing Summer Soulmates, a short story by my dear friend and author, Tista Ray. This short story is part of an anthology, entitled Summer’s Edge (Summer’s Edge #1), by Matt Sinclair. The anthology contains a collection of short stories by a total of 13 authors, delving into where not all relationships are meant to last. Tista’s short story Summer Soulmates was a lovely read based on a true occurence in her childhood. She attends a fair, and meets that special someone, where time seems frozen in memory for eternity. Upon completion, I recalled my own childhood memories of the fair, all the familiar sights and smells, and my personal favorite, cotton candy! If y’all are interested in reading Tista’s short story entitled Summer Soulmates, please do contact her through Goodreads, her official website, or Twitter for  your copy!
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Chillin’ Poolside


I had a lot of fun this holiday weekend! Completed quite a few delish reads, went swimming for hours, and spent some more time in my gardens. This girl right here has a green thumb! 😉 All my flowers are poppin’ beautifully, and I’m reaping the benefits! Amazeball time chillin’ poolside in my red bikini with the Kindle Fire! Yeah, baby! It was hot hot hotttttt!!! Gorgeous weather for the Fourth of July holiday, had a blast!

Hump Day


Appropriately lining up my Goodreads  4th of July holiday reads for the rest of the week! These sizzling book covers are deliciously  too HOTT  to handle! Sweet Lord Jesus, help me now! From one amazeball book cover to the next, wowzers, wipe the drool! SQUEEEEEE I can’t wait!!! Happy Hump Day, peeps! 😉


I love Nicholas Sparks! I always label his novels heartquivering tear jerkers!

Writer Block


“Life, he realize, was much like a song. In the beginning there is mystery, in the end there is confirmation, but it’s in the middle where all the emotion resides to make the whole thing worthwhile.”
Nicholas Sparks

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Swag Alert!!!


OMG I will be SQUEEEEEEEING like a lil piggy all the way home from the mailbox this week! I won more swag to add to my collection, a charm this time! Can’t wait to get my hands on it, from Butterflies, Books and Dreams! And I was graciously gifted a paperback copy of Element, Part 1, by CM Doporto for my promotional efforts. Yay! I love swag!