Writing Without Motivation or Inspiration


Inspiring words! What a great post!

Writer Block

Today the writing does not flow. Do you ever just not feel like writing? But you have a commitment – to readers, to yourself, maybe you are even lucky enough to have a deadline. So you write. You might drag, your quality might suffer (or seem to), but you lay down one word at a time. And you make headway on your work in progress.

Inspiration makes it easier to write. Motivation makes it easier to write. But neither is necessary when you have notes or an outline. This is why I like outlines so much. Once I discovered outlines, I no longer had the excuse for writer’s block. When you have an outline, you can make it more and more detailed – almost to a sentence level – so you always know what to write.

An outline does not need to be an alpha-numeric list. Mine starts as a…

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