Poetry Sharing Event: It’s a Wrap!


Congrats to Tista Ray, an Honorary Sunshine Nominee! ❤

Writer Block


  Still tuned in? The last ten days have been busy with the Poetry Sharing Event submissions and your feedback. I hope you found some poems that spoke to you.

These Sunshine Award nominations were made possible by theparasiteguy.wordpress.com. Thank you so much! The Sunshine Award is for bloggers who brighten people’s lives. Now, only people with blogs can be nominated for the Sunshine Award, but there are a few poets without blogs who deserve an honorary nomination for their hard work and bravery. Their names follow the actual nominees.

Sunshine Nominees

Terri-Ceres Mejias. www.terri-writes.blogspot.co.uk: Terri Writes

Gina Quarles. GinaQuarles.com: Encouragement, Hope & Inspiration

Rakanjana Sen.  http://the-moody-khana.blogspot.in/: The “Moody” Khana

Umesh Rao. http://worthlesswordsforever.blogspot.in: My Worthless Words

Cris The Story Reading Ape. thestoryreadingapeblog.wordpress.com

Debbie Herbert. debbieherbert.com

Honorary Sunshine Nominees

Lama Milkweed L. Augustine


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